Latest Trends For Formal Fall Menswear

As the fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan come to a close, the world is quickly picking up fashion tips from their Fall 2016 menswear collections. From plaid prints to the return of fur, there are many new trends from fashion week that are important to take note of.

Less Structure, More Flow

While current menswear is all about the tailoring of an outfit and making sure that it fits well, the Fall 2016 fashion week had different ideas. Many of the models came down the runway in flowing, loose coats that hid their shapes entirely.

Few suits were seen and were instead replaced with plaid coats for a more traditional look. It would seem that Fall 2016 will be all about turning back the clock to more traditional looks if these shows have anything to say about it.

Fur Is Back

The subject of men wearing fur has long been debated, but it is safe to say that fur is in for men this fall. On the runway, dozens of male models were seen in thick fur coats that looked perfect for a fashionable trip through the Antarctic.

Of course, in 2016 people are aware of the realities of fur, so many of the designers used high quality faux fur as a more ethical alternative. This means that while the look of fur is in, the trend of skinning animals for beauty is still being left in the past.

Military Chic

Menswear has always been influenced by military uniform, and Fall 2016 is proving to be no different. Military influence can easily be seen in the long jackets sported by many models, with thick golden buttons running all the way down to the knee in some cases.

Another tell-tale sign of military fashion is the constructed nature of the shoulders. While they are not quite as bold as the shoulder pads of the ’80s, they certainly give the men a broader and more official look.

Colorful Knits

Anyone that missed the knit sweaters of the ’90s is in for a treat. Models were seen sporting classic brightly-colored knit sweaters with strange patterns- and rocking it. This means that this fall, it is officially safe to dust off your old sweater from the ’90s and rock that classic look once again.

Return to the Past

In many ways, the Fall 2016 collections signaled a return to the past in terms of fashion. As menswear takes on the look of yesteryear through knit sweaters and heavy fur, it is hard not to feel a little nostalgic. This nostalgia is the perfect feeling for the upcoming fall, so do not hesitate to follow these trends and to stay on the cutting edge of style.

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