Increasing Your Used Car Dealership ROI through Event Marketing

Selling used cars can sometimes be a tough and involving business. To be a force to reckon with in your industry, you have to establish a level of trust with customers who may not be ready to listen to almost anything you’re going to tell them. How can someone overcome these assumptions to thrive in this business? Well, it is simple: through meticulous marketing that will help you establish a community reputation.

In a nutshell, the best place to begin building the much needed trust is your community. Customers tend to trust businesses that are fully involved in community or local events in some way. Whether it calls for networking with local businesses owners, volunteering for local causes and charities, or sponsoring groups, events or local teams, when customers know you, they are more likely to purchase used or new cars from your dealership.

Event Marketing Perks

You can utilize events in your car dealership’s marketing in a plethora of ways—to lay strong groundwork for your future sales, to nurture new business ventures, to generate more business leads and traffic, to brand your dealership, and to increase your business visibility. Another important element of event marketing is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to organize one: you can focus your efforts on considerably small events, grand events, cost-conservative events, or anything in between—it all depends on the capability of your car dealerships business and what you hope to get from the event.

Event marketing vs. social Media in terms of ROI

Both event marketing and social media hinge on the potential to actively interact and engage customers. In fact, the two can work alongside one another. In car dealerships, however, the ROI potential of event marketing is arguably bigger than social media. Generally, a social media platform in itself cannot sell cars. You build relationships through which customers get to trust you. You can achieve this better with events marketing. Through event marketing, you are physically getting people to your dealership—people who have never been to your dealership! It is fun and exciting, and when they turn up for the event, guess whose products they are going to sample—definitely, your dealership is going to benefit immensely!

Bottom Line

Event marketing has numerous benefits. However, it shouldn’t be about reaping direct ROI. It pays to be a little more broad-minded with your efforts. Depending on the nature of your dealership—used cars, new cars, or auto parts and service—go for an event that suits you and the image you wish to project to your potential customers as well as the demographic that you are targeting.

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