Getting the Ideal Mascot Costume for the Hockey Game

Mascots have symbolized sports teams, organizations, and companies for over 30 years. The mascots representing a sports team or a group always wears a custom mascot costume that may contain the sports teams or the company’s logo. The favorite animal costumes among the mascots include bears, tigers, lions, jaguars, hawks, bunnies, cats, and dog.

The Role of a Mascot

A coach should consider hiring a mascot in their hockey teams to keep the spirits high among the players. Mascots also perform the work of entertaining the audience, raising a sporting teams profile during community events and inspiring the young kids to engage in sports. Agencies hire mascots to act as the leading figures for the merchandisers and run marketing campaigns for the teams.

“Harvey the Hound” introduced the first mascot in the hockey team in 1983. A mascot success in his work varies depending on their level of commitment to the team as well as the nature of their personality. Research shows that the introverted mascots perform better than extrovert does since an introvert is open to doing exciting things with a mask on the face.

Essential features of a mascot costume: mascot costumes

Mascot costumes determines how the mascot’s success in the field will be. Below are the desired characteristics of a good mascot costume.

Appearance- mascot costumes should be attractive to the fans supporting a particular hockey team. Additionally, the costume should suit the team’s colors or at least have some features that relate to the team. It must also be an eye candy and cuddly.

• Functional– a mascot’s role includes moving around in the field and interacting with the audience. Therefore, the mascot costume should be flexible and allow good movement. It should also have good ventilation and give a clear vision.

Durability– a mascot in the hockey team should engage the players and audience in the field. The mascot has to run around the field thus causing friction to the costume. Therefore, consider getting a costume made with a durable and sturdy material that will withstand wear and tear.

• The nature of the mascot’s head– a mascot in the hockey team may be involved in the accident during the game. Therefore, the mascots head should have lightweight hockey helmet and microcell foam. The microcell foam is non-absorbent meaning that the sweat would not soak the head of the costumes. Microcell foam is a durable material and maintains its shape for a long time.

A teams coach may consider getting an alert mascot for your hockey team to ensure maximum performance. Mascots in Canada should consider following these rules to ensure success in their work. They should have in-depth knowledge about the team that they are working for and some exciting moves to entertain their audience. They should also be visible during the tournament and after the game celebrations. There are useful references available if you visit the Loonie Times blog.

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