Boosting the Performance of Your Hockey Team with Chiropractic Care

While many hockey enthusiasts spend a lot of their time reading about and watching their favorite teams’ preseason games, one of the issues that have been given little attention is the topic of hockey injuries. While some people tend to follow weekly injury reports, few stop to figure out how exactly these players manage to keep themselves healthy.

Well, the answer is: through chiropractic care. Over the past few years, the appreciation and adoption of chiropractic care in sports has skyrocketed. Today, all the major teams have professional chiropractors on-site either as preventive measure or to treat players who are actively recovering.

Whether it is soccer, softball, hockey, volleyball or baseball, chiropractic care can help keep your team on the field—in a number of ways:

Improved mobility

Chiropractic adjustment, one of the main chiropractic therapies employed in sports medicine will boost your players’ flexibility in the field and eliminate pains associated with vigorous movements. The therapy has been used by players not only as an injury prevention measure but also in boosting athletic performance.

Pain relief

For years, chiropractic care has been used as a pain management tool: it has been shown to relieve shoulder pain, knee injury pains, and pains from ankles as well as headaches, especially those originating from neck and head injuries.

Prevention of injuries

Hockey players and other athletes who are exposed to chiropractic care on a regular basis have also been shown to experience less sports-related injuries. They experience better flexibility and mobility, all of which play big roles in injury prevention. Moreover, chiropractic care boosts muscle strength and body’s resistance to injuries.

Sports Hernia Relief

5-20 percent of sports-related injuries, in one way or the other, involve groin pain—and one of the main causes of such injuries is athletic pubalgia (or sports hernia). Various studies have proven that players who experience sports hernia are relived of the discomfort associated with the condition following 8 weeks of combined chiropractic care, physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise.

General body maintenance

Hockey is a physically demanding and players often experience a lot of injuries. While you cannot avoid the physicality associated with the sport, some things like soreness and stiffness feelings can be mitigated. It is recommended for players to receive adjustments after practice to prevent potential pains that may result from physical exertion. Though the players aren’t necessarily injured, sometimes they may experience normal hockey pains that go along with the sport. This where a chiropractor comes in—keeping the body functioning optimally every day.


Chiropractic care plays an integral role in pain relief among athletes, injury prevention, and whole body care. The good thing about chiropractic care is the fact that the mentioned benefits are not only relevant to hockey but also to other sports where injuries are common. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Chiro-Med Rehab Centre.

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