4 Great Exercises Muay Thai Fighters Should Check Out

People enroll in martial arts classes due to the great workouts the classes can deliver. Muay Thai kickboxing, in particular, serves up a fantastic workout capable of getting new students into great shape within a short period of time. Those shifting from beginner students to intermediate ones find their training focus changes. These students embrace the Thai boxing lifestyle and want to become great at their new chosen hobby.

In order to become a solid Thai boxer, fighters, even hobbyist gym fighters, must engage in supplemental workouts that make fight classes and overall performance more productive. Here are four excellent supplementary exercises capable of taking skill to the next level.

1. Uphill sprints on a treadmill.

Gasping for breath and struggling to breathe does not exactly make Muay Thai classes enjoyable. In order to get the most out of the workouts, participants in the classes must be in top physical conditioning. Running on a treadmill is fine. changing the angle on the treadmill and performing interval training sprints can deliver even better results.

Improved conditioning means being able to achieve peak performance during class. Uphill sprinting might not be the most exciting type of exercise, but it pays off in the form of better Thai boxing sessions. For additional information, visit Lanna MMA and learn more from their online resources.

2. Calf raises on a step machine.

The traditional clinch work of Thai boxing requires standing up on the toes. Being flat-footed doesn’t support the effective execution of clinch techniques. In order to remain on your toes while struggling and battling in the clinch, you need strong calves. The average gym wouldn’t be complete without a standing calf raise machine. Not everyone puts much effort into working out on the machine since calves are “show muscles.”

You won’t be building the calves to show them off. These muscles are built up to enhance performance when sparring. Overlooking calves could be a big mistake. Making them a priority reaps huge performance benefits.

3. Any and all kinds of jumping exercises.

There’s a reason why old school and new era boxers jump rope often. Building up cardio conditioning is one major benefit, but it is not the only benefit. Jumping rope and performing any other types of leaping exercises make you light on your feet and more mobile. Being able to move around the ring quickly and without any hesitation indicate a great fighter. In addition to jumping rope, performing a variety of plyometric exercises helps with becoming a fighter who can move.

4. Weighted and non-weighted squats.

Strong legs not only contribute to stronger kicks and better mobility, they also support overall strength. Squats target a multitude of muscles in the legs. Performing squats with and without weights as part of overall Muay Thai conditioning training would be worth the effort.

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